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About Artillerists

Play Battleship like never before. Rocket strikes, huge explosions and upgradeable weapons await you in Artillerists. Create and upgrade your own private platoon. Use radars to locate the enemy! Perform massive artillery strikes to take them out! Call in for air support to turn them into dust! The old rules of beloved strategy game are reimagined to bring you the best tactical artillery experience ever.

* Play for FREE
* Conquer huge island
* Explore an engaging story in campaign mode
* Try out reimagined battleship gameplay
* Buy and Upgrade your weapons
* Fight in different terrain and weather conditions
* Different battlefield sizes
* Complete loads of missions
* Win the WAR!

***Best played on bigger screens!***

Great visuals, fast gameplay, no forced ads :)
Tsvyatko Yakimov
Stephen Hull
Game play is really simple and player friendly
Zain Ul Abidin