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About RallyPacenotes


Mobile App "RallyPacenotes" ( is designed to be the best aid for rally drivers (section "Driver") and rally codrivers ("Co-driver" section).

The application was created by Miguel E. Susunaga Valencia (, from the original idea of Raúl Belategui and with the sports advice of David Nafría. Its effectiveness and usefulness have been contrasted in the pacenotes courses for drivers.

"Driver" section:

The "Driver" section is designed to help rally drivers in the difficult task of doing special stages pacenotes. The app allows teams to write down the intensity of each corner using the steering wheel angle rotation. The numbering of each corner, "8", "3+", "120" or any other information that each pilot uses in its pacenotes system, is fully configurable, as well as the strip of degrees in which it must show the Information.

The application is designed to be used in the first “recce” run, which is performed at low speed, for this reason and because a high speed can affect the sensor measurement, the corner numbering is shown only when the speed is less than 80 km/h.

In addition to intensity, the application also helps us calculate the distances between corners using GPS signal. The driver has up to 3 different trips. One “partial”, another “total” and even a third specially designed to measure the corner’s lengths.

It also shows us the current speed of the vehicle. Something that is especially useful in those recces in which the speed is limited and controlled by the organization. The driver can set at what speed he wants to receive an alert so as not to exceed that limit. Two different speeds can be set with their respective alerts.

"Codriver" section:

The "Codriver" section is divided into 3 screens. The first offers codrivers the tools necessary to facilitate the management of times and distances between time controls. It allows to calculate the time of entry in the following time control, it shows the real time, the time remaining until the next time control and 3 trips (regressive, partial and Total) that calculate the distances by means of GPS. It also shows the current speed of the vehicle (obtained by GPS), which will be of great help especially those cars that do not have a speedometer to not exceed the speed limits in the road sections.

The second screen helps us in the special stages. It has a chronometer with different starting possibilities. Allows to save and compare splits between the different runs by the same special stage. And it also has a total trip and a regressive one.

A third screen helps us to calculate a forecast of the fuel consumption until the next refuelling, distinguishing between kilometers and consumptions of road section and special stages.

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A bit variable on tight corners. I will try changing settings.
Ross Cox
It is great app. Very useful
Ivan Jevtic
I use it. Very good and easy. I recommend it.
Eduardo Soneca