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About Commune Community

Inspired by the idealistic vision of communal living, Commune is a community that bridges personal growth and societal well-being. We are not alone. We are hard-wired for true belonging. Out of many, we are one.

Commune creates digital courses with experts in food, health, social impact, mindfulness, movement, personal growth, and environmental action. Each course is released as a mass digital experience where thousands of participants take the course together, day-by-day, for free. We then provide social tools that empower participants to form local action groups and implement their new knowledge in their communities.

Members of the Commune community can use this app to:

+ Access exclusive content and conversations
+ Participate in virtual office hours and online events
+ Connect with others near you to message and meet up
+ Go deeper around the topics and interests that are most important to you
+ Continue the conversation after finishing a course and learn how to put your new knowledge and skills into action

To learn more, visit:

אביגיל שומרוו
Great app.
Jen Allen
An app with a heart 💗 Commune is easy to navigate and offers an abundance of free articles, talks, guided meditation, yoga and more. There is a membership which I would love to support commune by joining bu...
R Bullen