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About Miga Town: My School

Classroom: find your seat, pick up your textbook, and ready to learn something new.

Student Affairs Office: the teachers are carefully dealing with all kinds of student affairs. Can you find out their secrets?

Integrated classroom: put on protective clothing and conduct chemical experiments; write the most popular song in the exclusive music classroom.

Playground: head to the playground and coach your own football/basketball team. Let’s cheer for the players!

Auditorium: after years of study, you're about to graduate. There are a lot of wonderful performances at the graduation ceremony. Come and see!

- Role-play in 5 places

- Be a student or teacher, or even other occupations

- Your voice can be changed by the analog microphone

- Discover more hidden secrets

- Unlimited gameplay, triggering your imagination

--Give full play to children’s creativity
--Tens of billions of customized modes
--No third-party advertising
--No time limit or score ranking list

contact us:[email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I do in Miga Town: My School?

You can role-play as a student or teacher in 5 different places within the game, such as the classroom, student affairs office, integrated classroom, playground, and auditorium.

Can I change my voice in the game?

Yes, you can change your voice in the game using the analog microphone.

Are there any hidden secrets in the game?

Yes, there are hidden secrets for you to discover in Miga Town: My School.

Are there any limitations or restrictions in the gameplay?

There are no time limits, score ranking lists, or third-party advertisements in the game. You can enjoy unlimited gameplay.

How can I contact support for the game?

You can contact support by emailing us at [email protected].
Lisa Gopee 8
Lisa Gopee
I love it
Rose Bartlett Clark
ay give you 5 star this is so cool but not free....😥😥
Iris Rosal
simi maneesh
So nice 👌
Bisahu Yadav