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About Timmy - Audiobook Player PRO

Timmy is a beautifully designed audio book player that combines functionality and design.
Use easy swipes to get into the library or into the settings menu.
Use an intuitively designed swipe activated program to access the books in your library or our settings menu.

Main features:
- Saves the last position on all audio books you’re currently listening to.
- Sleep mode: gradually reduces the volume over a set period of time
- Directory for audio books adjustable
- Saves the volume settings for each audio book
- Easily changeable album art
- Adjustable ‘jump back’ after a manual pause
- Individual and adjustableplayback speeds for each audio book
- Create notes for each audio book
- Sort and filter your library easily and quickly
- Be organized and save your audio books in categories
- Title and artist can now be changed
- Timmy is available in a day and night design

Comments and requests about improvements or extensions are welcome.

Let us know if you have any comments or requests! We are working hard to bring you the best product and we’d love to hear your thoughts.