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About RN Pocket Guide

The perfect pocket guide!

This quick-reference tool has what you need to select the appropriate diagnosis to plan your patientsí care effectively. Nurse's Pocket Guide : Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions and Rationales, 15th Edition features all the latest nursing diagnoses and updated interventions.


- Actions/interventions uniquely organized by priority with selected rationales
- Icons within the prioritized interventions for acute care, collaboration, community/home care/cultural considerations, diagnostic studies, medications, and lifespan considerations
- Defining characteristics presented subjectively and objectively
- Documentation section that focuses on the other steps of the nursing process, reminding students of the importance and necessity of recording each step
- NIC and NOC labels at the end of each diagnosis
- Index with hundreds of diseases/disorders with prioritized associated nursing diagnoses
Updated with NANDA-I 2018-2020 diagnoses, including 18 new and 72 revised diagnoses

Excellent informative base to review all that we studied In order to become an RN I have taught in different positions I have held and simply wish I had this great nursing "manual" to help me and save me lot...
Janet Callahan
So far so good!
Ida Conley
I'm still learning and it's confusing at first but I appreciate the contents. I just hope this app also includes some tutorials on how to compose a nursing diagnosis as well.
Ni Ka