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About Bluetooth Presenter Lite [No Setup] (Ad supported)

Works on almost all devices 💻 with Bluetooth support.
No installation/setup required 🚀
Ready within seconds even on new devices ⌚️


💰 Control your presentation without buying/carrying a presenter
🔊 Use Volume Buttons to choose the next slide, possible even with your hand in your pocket
⏱️ Vibration alerts - set alerts to keep track of time, even without looking at the screen. Hold perfectly timed presentations every time
✔️ Supports all kinds of presentation software and more. You can fully customize the controls in the settings. This allows even more compatibility than hardware presenters.
☢️ Vibration warning if the device should disconnect
⚙️ Lots of options to choose from
🧠 Automatically detects device type and switches controls
❤️ Continuous updates
🆘 App doesn't work for your device? Tell us and we'll give you a refund.

💻Supported Controls:

Back / Next (Configurable)
Enter / Exit (Support for Apple, Windows etc.)
Blank Screen (White and Black)
And more

This app is supported by ads.
Get the full version to remove ads, restrictions and get more features

Check out Bluetooth Presenter Pro

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Worked flawlessly for me on pc, might become a handy tool to have around for presentations.
Alejandro Dablantes
I had been using the discontinued Official MS Office Remote app (side loaded apk) to fulfill this niche, but this app is easier and more reliable (just doesn't allow you to see the slides on your phone and s...
Jason Wright