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About Color Defense - Tower Base Defense TD

If you like tower defense games and are looking for a new strategy challenge, then COLOR DEFENSE is the game for you!

Color Defense TD is easy to understand, but sometimes very hard to master!

The game can be addictive and you can play short game sessions or long epic battles.

The map editor also offers you the option of creating your own levels and sharing them with your friends.


* A variety of different worlds with different game levels awaits you!
* Seven different towers and missile defense systems await your orders!
* Each defense turret system and tower has 8 expansion levels and can be upgraded!
* There are a variety of special weapons, such as the atomic bomb, a black hole and the weapon booster
* A variety of different enemy units attack your base and the reactor!
* Boss and end bosses make your life difficult!
* Your weapon systems can be placed anywhere!
* The battles and battles use real physics for flying projectiles!
* Different game modes give you days / weeks of fun!
* Play the story mode with a fascinating science fiction fantasy background story!
* Play in casual mode!
* Uses our smart placement technology
* Play an endless mode for the ultimate epic battle!
* An integrated level editor allows you to create your own tower defense game level!
* Share your own generated Tower Defense game levels with your friends!
* There are the following battle towers: Plasma Tower, Laser Tower, Rocket Tower, Energy Field Tower, Rapid Fire Tower, Tesla Tower and the TD Firestorm Tower
* If the TD game is too difficult in places, you can adjust the level of difficulty
* The perfect Time Killer Tower Defense Idle Clicker TD experience
* Action and strategy where you have to use your brain
* Color Defense has voice output, great sounds and music and brilliant opponents battles and fights with colorful effects

The game is completely free to play.

Color Defense deliberately uses minimalistic graphics so that the strategic factor comes into its own 100%!

How to play Color Defense:
1. Drag and drop your weapon defense system onto the field
2. Our placement of geodefense systems K.I. automatically prevents accidental placement on the opponent waves swarm paths
3. Wait for the colorful neo waves of opponents or call them ahead of time
4. Every eliminated galaxy opponent provides credits with which you can buy new weapons or upgrade existing towers
5. Protect your fortress, facility and base and the reactor from the waves of opponents by placing your weapons and towers in the strategically best geo defense locations on the game planet map
6. With brains you can win all alien rush puzzle levels without the use of special weapons

We hope you enjoy Color Defense and you will have a lot of fun with our TD tower defence strategy game!

Please also rate the TD defence game in the Google Play Store. This helps us a lot in developing new updates and content for the defender towerdefense app.

Thank you so much!

Your McPeppergames team

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