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About Signal Info

Signal Info is a companion app for Project Fi users

• It allows you to see and keep track of which network you're connected to (WiFi, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular), and at which speed (2G, 3G, 4G etc).

• Free, no ads

• Events recorded:
- airplane mode on/off
- phone on/off
- WiFi on/off
- connected to WiFi
- connected to cell service
- cell service speed change

• 1x1 widget displaying current connectivity

• 4x1 widget to switch carrier from home screen (configurable)

• Notifications will be triggered for any WiFi, cell or disconnect event

• Export / import database

• Code is Open Source (, contributions welcome :)

Works decently
Kathryn Silver
Works great
Mike Lentz
Helped Fi CSR and I figure out service issue because I knew what provider I was using and what type of connection. Enough info for Project Fi to fix my issue. Thank you! Been using since 2016. Love this.
A Google user