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About SingX – Money Transfer Overseas

With SingX, you can send money overseas at a fraction of the cost. Banks have hidden charges (cable fees and commissions) and mark up the exchange rates. We only charge a small handling fee which we tell you upfront.

Benefits you enjoy:

1. Mid-market Exchange Rates
These are the rates at which banks transact with each other.
2. Same-day transfers
Our transfers are quick and seamless
3. 100% Transparency
Get locked-in rates 24x7. No hidden charges, no surprises!
4. Trusted & Secure
We are licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

Download the app now to view live exchange rates, make transactions and manage your account.

To setup a new account, visit

Its fast and straightforward..i only use singx to transfer money to india. Probably the best.
Amit Jain
wow, just wow, once they receive the funds it only takes a few hours to transfer the funds, it's that fast. And I will use their services. I recommend this to everyone who wants to transfer money
Penguin Guru
Hi Team, Tested Australia Beta Version,Spent little time on app, verified all options/actions in the app.. I didn’t notice any issues during my play. Noticed app bit slow while navigating the window/page to...
pavan kumar