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About Taboo - Official Party Game

It’s the best of all the word games! Throw a house party on your phone and play Taboo with video chat! Split into 2 teams and take it in turns to describe the word - just don’t use the word or any of the words on the card! Your team has to guess as many words as possible before the timer runs out!

Like Charades and Heads Up!, Taboo is fun for adults and teens. How do you describe APPLE when the words RED, FRUIT, PIE, CIDER and CORE are all taboo? If you use a taboo word by mistake, the other team will buzz and you’ll lose a point! Have noisy fun with your friends and family as a big group, or go head-to-head with one other player. The app works if you’re together in one place, or apart via video chat! The buzzer, timer, cards and video chat are built in - all you need is your phone. Think fast, talk fast and crush the competition!

Host a game in person and a game via video chat FREE and play before you pay!

- IN-GAME VIDEO CHAT - You don’t need extra apps or screens! Play the game face-to-face with 2-6 friends, wherever you are!
- PLAY IN THE SAME ROOM - Play Local Party Mode on one phone, with unlimited players!
- 2-PLAYER MODE - Challenge one friend and go head-to-head!
- AD-FREE GAME - Have fun with zero ads to distract you!
- 500 CARDS - Includes cards from the original game!
- EXTRA CARD PACKS - Buy fun themed decks to keep your game fresh. These include:
Festive Fun (available for a limited time around the winter holidays)
Wild World
Fun & Games
Food Lovers

…and two exciting Mystery decks!


Create a game
Start a game and invite your friends. Or create an in-app chat group with your friends and start a game from your chat!
Taboo is a game for 2-6 online players, with video chat included. This means you can play face-to-face even when you can’t be together. You can also play with as many friends as you like, in person, with Local Party Mode.

Divide into two teams
Split into two teams and name your team.

A Clue-giver is assigned from Team A
A clue-giver from team A will be chosen by the app. In the next round, a Clue-giver from team B will take their turn.

The Clue-giver draws a card
Only the Clue-giver from Team A, and all of Team B, can see the card. The Clue-giver must try to tell their team what the word is, without saying any of the Taboo words.

Team B stand by the Buzzer
Team B will buzz if the Clue-giver says a Taboo word!

Watch the timer
Your team must guess as many words as possible before the time runs out. You’ll win 1 point per correct guess.

Passing on a card
You can skip 2 cards every turn. After that, the other team will get 1 point every time you skip a card.

Finishing the game
The game ends when every player has taken a turn as Clue-giver. Or when each team has had an equal number of turns as Clue-giver.


You can also play with one friend in two-Player Mode!

- Take it in turns to be the Clue-giver
- Buzz yourself if you use a taboo word

Become a word master and beat your opponent all by yourself.


If you’re all in the same place, you can play with as many friends as you like, using a single phone!

- Split into 2 teams
- Take it in turns to be the Clue-giver
- If you’re the Clue-giver, make sure your team can’t see the screen
- If you’re in the opposing team, sit or stand behind the Clue-giver and shout if they use a taboo word
- The Clue-giver must then press the buzzer

Team-up and play with your friends, wherever you are!

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Crystal Gonzalez
Kawawa binibigyan ko lang ng 5star
Jenalyn Màrte
Awesome game
George Mack
Great for party games!
Denver Erick Adobo
Friends over for the holidays and we had a blast
hazel tolliver