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About NavKid

TomTom for the boat, finally an app that works well and is super simple to use!

The NavKid Android App for boat navigation is equipped with the latest MarinePlan water charts and has a built-in, very extensive route planner. The app does not need an internet connection to navigate. For map updates, an internet connection (such as WIFI) is required. The App can therefore run on a simple and cheap tablet on board without the need for internet (except for map updates).

NavKid is known for the very simple and well-arranged operation and interaction with the map. The route planner is very comprehensive and navigates from scaffold to scaffold, specifying the arrival time and distance. Bridges and locks are clearly visible.

The water map has all the details. All ditches, lakes, canals and ports are indicated. The water map can be displayed in different styles (such as ANWB, Google Maps, TomTom, OpenStreetmap, Navionics, Vaarkaart).

You can specify the dimensions and characteristics of your boat so that the chance of surprises is minimized. One-way traffic, special permits, areas with a Small Boat License II, areas outside the Inland Waterways Police Regulations (BPR) are all indicated.

The names on the map can be displayed in different languages ​​(including Frisian). Almost all canals and lakes have a name so that you know the name of the water where you are sailing. This is always in the picture.

The quick search function finds ports, places, lakes, ditches, bridges, locks, shops, gas pumps and the like.

NavKid is free, but the card has an annual subscription. You have 7 days to try (the app asks for a provisional payment, but it only starts after 7 days; you can exit at any time). We advise you to agree and, for example, to decide after six days, it will cost you nothing.

Keep an eye on the website; we publish the latest features and status there.

If you have questions you can call or email; we try to help everyone quickly. Check the rating of the NavKid app; this is the highest of all; the reviews speak volumes. Our support is strong and we are quick with updates in case of problems.

You can indicate in the app if something is wrong or missing on the map. Then it comes directly to the cartographer and we usually have a new map update ready for free within a day.

Also look at the hit of 2020: friends on the map. You can now share your location and see friends who do the same on the map, or get notified when they are nearby or arriving soon. This can also be used as a warning for less welcome boats.

If you have a large screen with, for example, Chromecast, you can display the app on it (if your tablet or telephone allows this). This is ideal to follow a ship on the map; the card then moves along with the ship.

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works like a charm. it is super fast and lightweight.
Rene Nijkamp
mooie waterkaart en ziet er aardig recent uit, ook veel detail
great app, perfect companion on the boat!
Rob Broersen