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About Maplak

(Available in Tehran)
MAPLAK is an application used in Iranian real estate consultation field. Iranian real estate consultants and realtors have always been faced with two main concerns:

1) finding suitable properties to introduce to their customers for purchase, sale, leasehold mortgage, rent and partnership in construction.

2) promoting and finding customers as soon as possible such that the owners don’t find an opportunity to propose their properties to other real estate consultants and realtors.

Now, by identifying the requirements of real estate managers and consultants and through development of a comprehensive database of available properties and also by seeking advertisement companies’ advice, MAPLAK as a smart application seeks to help the activists of this field overcome their concerns

In MAPLAK all time consuming daily activities of consultants and realtors are done with high speed. They just need to install this application on their mobile phone, insert their mobile phone number and then connect to internet; then they can observe all properties proposed for sale or rent by owners or for assignment to an investor all times. They receive numerous files without the need to spend time for finding them.

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