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About Manocha Academy

Are you ready to learn concepts in an exciting and practical way? Then you are at the right place!

Welcome to Manocha Academy! Our Mission is to make learning Science, Maths and Coding exciting and easy! Our Live Classes and Interactive Videos explain the school coursework with simple examples that you experience every day! Let's learn every day from our everyday life!

We have Courses for Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Python and Java Coding!

Features of our Courses:
> Full Courses cover the entire syllabus in detail
> Attend regular LIVE Classes by Manocha Sir!
> Master concepts with our detailed video lectures with interactive questions!
> Ask your doubts and get direct replies from us
> Mock Tests to practice for your exams
> Quick Revision Notes make it easy to revise for your tests
> Practice lots of Questions and Quizzes.
> Free access to any Course Updates!


YouTube channel:

Facebook Page:

Hope you like our App :) Happy Learning!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What courses does Manocha Academy offer?

Manocha Academy offers courses in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Python and Java Coding.

What are the features of the courses at Manocha Academy?

The features of the courses at Manocha Academy include full coverage of the syllabus, regular live classes, detailed video lectures with interactive questions, doubt-solving assistance, mock tests, quick revision notes, practice questions and quizzes, and free access to course updates.

How can I attend live classes at Manocha Academy?

You can attend live classes at Manocha Academy by joining them through the website or YouTube channel.

Where can I find more information about Manocha Academy?

You can find more information about Manocha Academy on their website (, YouTube channel (, and Facebook page (

What is the mission of Manocha Academy?

The mission of Manocha Academy is to make learning Science, Maths, and Coding exciting and easy by explaining school coursework with simple examples from everyday life.

How can I ask doubts and get replies at Manocha Academy?

You can ask your doubts at Manocha Academy and get direct replies by reaching out to them through their website or other social media platforms.

Does Manocha Academy provide mock tests?

Yes, Manocha Academy provides mock tests to practice for exams.

Are there quick revision notes available for the courses at Manocha Academy?

Yes, quick revision notes are available to make it easy to revise for tests at Manocha Academy.

Can I access any course updates for free at Manocha Academy?

Yes, you have free access to any course updates at Manocha Academy.

How can I contact Manocha Academy?

You can contact Manocha Academy through their website, YouTube channel, or Facebook page.
The teacher is the best
Curtis Otibu
All things are good enough but my doubles are not solved yet. I have been waiting since 3 days for them. I wish you will be soon hearing for my problem. That's why only 4 star.
Akhilesh Rawat
Kanna Balaji
Please put tn syllabus
Karthikeyan A
Very good Application
Advait Harankhedkar
If you want to study PCM in future then this is the best app where you will understand better than any other app. I realy apriciate the work and graphics of the videos and i realy got help in my studies and ...
Aniket Agrawal