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About Universe Translator

You see a sequence of repeating numbers, as you rush out after yet another dream of the same animal. You become intrigued by a peculiar hunch that angels are around you when feathers, out of nowhere, fall on your path.

The strange sequence of repeating events forces you to ask the Universe if this is synchronicity or a sign from the Divine because it’s happened over and over.

But why?

Because the Universe knows your deepest desires and it wants you to align with the Divine.

The question is how will you align yourself if you don’t know the meaning behind each sign?

With the Universe Translator app, over 500 Universe signs are within your reach. With a simple tap, you can find out what the Universe is trying to communicate with you. For each sign that you see, there is an answer waiting for you. Suddenly, you find yourself going out more and looking for signs because every day has become a perfect time to listen to the Divine.

Personal Message:

Your conversation with the Universe is taking place right now, in a special language only you and the Universe can understand.

You are unique and powerful, you have the strength within you to find answers embedded in the special messages the Universe is sending you.

Keep your eyes and ears open to the signs and use this app often to help guide you to a magical life of abundance, health and happiness.

I sincerely hope you find this app as useful as I have. Once you open your heart to the wisdom of the Universe, you will receive the signs that will answer your questions and guide you in life.

I do hope you enjoy the app and that it serves you well along your journey.

Namaste, Alex

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Still loved this app but it will not open since the last update I see others having the same problem. Are you fixing it on your end or is there anything I can do on my end?
Linda Porter
They're hurting us
Amanda Drake
It's interesting and keeps me looking for signs which is like looking for miracles if you pay attention they are everywhere
Gayle Dillon