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About Archaeologist - Ancient Egypt

Do you know the story of the goddess Isis? No ...? No problem, with this app you will learn tons of fascinating things about ancient Egypt

Children will have fun looking for the entrance to the secret rooms and then doing excavations, like a real archaeologist, to discover all of the finds and treasures hidden in the pyramids.
Once all of the pieces have been found, everyone heads to the laboratory for the cleaning and reconstruction phase.

The graphics of the game are filled with detail, colour and fun animations designed specially for little ones, with tons of educational information about the Egyptian world.

Children who try out the game will never stop excavating and reconstructing the various things they find.

All designed to ensure lots of fun for you and your children.

* Excavate to find the entrance to the secret rooms

* Eight different excavation settings

* Find all of the hidden treasures

* Clean and reconstruct all of the objects that you find

* Read and learn about the mysteries of ancient Egypt

Try it now. You will be glad that you did and your children will have a ton of fun.


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Have fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can children do in the Archaeologist - Ancient Egypt app?

Children can look for the entrance to secret rooms and perform excavations to discover finds and treasures in the pyramids, followed by cleaning and reconstruction in the laboratory.

What are the graphics like in the game?

The graphics are filled with detail, color, and fun animations designed specifically for young children.

How many excavation settings are there in the game?

There are eight different excavation settings in the game.

What should children do after finding all the hidden treasures?

Children should clean and reconstruct all the objects they find.

Will children learn about ancient Egypt while playing the game?

Yes, the game provides educational information about the Egyptian world.

Is the app safe for children?

Yes, MagisterApp, the creator of the app, ensures security for children with no third party advertising.

Can parents trust MagisterApp?

Millions of parents trust MagisterApp for creating high-quality apps for children.

Where can I find more information about MagisterApp?

You can visit to read more and share your thoughts.
Ambreen Kakakhel
It's the best game unless you have to unlock all the stuff
Clare Skill
Egypt one is full of hidden objects blah blah blah
Janice Salvador-Campaner
Lots of fun for my 5 year old. He loves it!
Joanna Whitaker
inStall this game it is very beautiful and knowledge game.
Dr.Deepti Mathur
Best game.🤩🤩🤩
Ratul bora