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About English Grammar | Tenses Book

This English Grammar is not your everyday grammar book. Here we write what we learned ourselves, during extensive studies of English Grammar. Each of the topics is covered with ample real-life examples and easy-to-understand definitions.

This app will not only help you with learning basic grammar but will also help you with confusing aspects of grammar, which is a pretty unique feature. Most grammar learning platforms share knowledge on the basics only; while our project includes solutions to everyday issues that we face in English grammar, and we enrich our app on a regular basis. If you still don’t see the exact information you need, you may send us a request via our contact section, or wait until we add what you need.

We divided all topics into three section such as beginner, intermediate and advanced so that one can easily follow step by step learning.

::: Beginner ::::::
- Word
- Sentence
- Parts of Speech
- Noun
- Pronoun
- Adjective
- Verb
- Adverb
- Preposition
- Conjunction
- Interjection
- Articles
- Tense
- Number

::: Intermediate ::::::
- Phrases
- Clauses
- Conditionals
- Article
- Modifiers
- Narration
- Prefixes
- Suffixes
- Modal Auxiliaries
- Subject-Verb Agreement
- Right Forms of Verbs
- Determiners &
- Quantifiers

::: Advanced ::::::
- Cases
- Moods
- Do-support
- Negation &
- Double Negative
- Inversion
- Use of Prepositions
- Pronouns before the Gerunds & Infinitives
- Antecedents of Pronoun
- Adjective followed by the Infinitives
- Causative Verbs
- Verbs followed by Gerunds
- Verbs followed by Infinitives
- Uses of Direct & Indirect Object
- Correct Use of "Sequence of Tense" in Writing
- Affirmative & Negative Agreement
- Comparatives
- Dangling Modifiers
- Embedded Questions
- Parallel Structure
- Perfectives
- Subjunctive
- One VS You
- Great app to improve your vocabulary and practice your grammar. This learning application is like an English grammar in use book for you!
- With a minimalist design and a clear user interface, this Grammar app is very user friendly. Additionally, the speedy English grammar lessons in this application help you learn English grammar rules effortlessly.

Learn English Grammar Syllabus Contains:

Grammar Basics:
• Word
• Sentence
• Types of sentences
• Sentence patterns,
• Questions,
• Reported Speech,
• Relative clauses,
• Linking words,
• Passive forms,
• Words that go together,
• Forming words,
• Spoken English

• Present Tenses,
• Past Tenses,
• Present Perfect Tenses,
• Future Tenses

Parts of Speech:
• Noun - Definition & Types.
• Pronoun - Definition & Types.
• Adjective - Definition & Types.
• Verb - Definition & Types.
• Adverb - Definition & Types.
• Preposition - Definition & Types.
• Conjunction - Definition & Types.
• Interjection - Definition & Types.

Structural types of Sentences:
• Simple sentence
• Compound sentence
• Complex sentence
• Compound complex sentence

Functional Types of Sentence:
• Declarative sentence
• Imperative sentence
• Interrogative sentence
• Exclamatory sentence

Grammar topics of this English grammar book:
1. Parts of speech
2. Phrases
3. Clauses
4. Singular and Plural verbs
5. Tenses
6. Degrees of Comparison
7. Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences
8. Active and Passive Voices
9. Articles
10. Prepositions
11. Sentence Pattern
12. Question Tags
13. Prefixes and Suffices
14. Infinitive and Gerund
15. Participle
16. Homophones
17. British English and American English
18. Derivatives
19. Compound words
20. Blending words
21. Figures of speech
22. Direct And Indirect Speech
23. Determiner
24. What Question
25. Phrasal Verbs
26. Punctuation Marks
27. Linking words
28. Connectives
29. Capitalization Rules

Whether you are an English language learner or a native English speaker, this app will help you with the structure of English language as well as your writing and speaking skills.

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