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About Spoken English in Tamil (Free Version)

Easy and effective 50 days classes which will transfer to an English expert. This app includes all that you need to know to speak, write and understand English language completely. Classes feature grammar, frequently used phrases, when and where to use small letters, capital letters, form sentences and many more... It also includes alarm reminders and progress chart.

1. Alphabets
2. Vowels and Consonants
3. Part of Speech
4. Kind of Noun & Uses
5. Common & Proper Noun
6. Countable & Uncountable Noun
7. Abstract Noun
8. Pronoun
9. Verb
10. Adjective
11. Adverb
12. Preposition
13. Conjuction
14. Interjuction
15. Auxiliary Verb
16. Tenses
17. Simple Present Tense
18. Present Continuous Tense
19. Present Perfect Tense
20. Present Perfect Continuous Tense
21. Simple Past Tense
22. Past Continuous Tense
23. Past Perfect Tense
24. Past Perfect Continuous Tense
25. Simple Future Tense
26. Future Continuous Tense
27. Future Perfect Tense
28. Future Perfect Continuous Tense
29. Active Voice & Passive Voice
30. Direct & Indirect Speech
31. Regular Verbs
32. Irregular Verbs
33. Auxiliary Verb BE
34. Auxiliary Verb HAVE
35. Auxiliary Verb DO
36. Modal Verb - CAN, COULD & MAY
37. Modal Verb - MIGHT, SHALL & SHOULD
38. Modal Verb - WILL, WOULD, MUST & OUGHT
39. Semi-Modal Verb - DARE, NEED & USED TO
40. Singular & Plural
41. Advanced Spoken English Practices (2500 Sentences in 10 classes with Tamil meaning)

I'm using this app it's seems a good one after finishing I shall give you a brief description about this app for the time being it's excellent thanking you sir I will inform to my friends about this
Ax Thambirajah
Jeganathan Srinivasan
Very useful
Jai Kumar