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About ULTIMATE IPTV Plugin-Addon

This app DOES NOT have any icon to execute (NO LAUNCHER ICON), its only a plugin-addon for other IPTV apps request it.
NO PLAYLIST or similar included with this app, channels in photos and video are just for Demonstration.
This app has Ads.

If you are a developer or IPTV Provider and want a reliable app for your needs (without spending money for re-brand app) you can create a small app which use this plugin-addon. App support also Xtream codes api. Check it at example provided below

If need more help email me (email at the end of description). I can help you create the app which use the plugin if you have troubles :)

You can find similar app with Launcher icon for loading or test your list:

Users please leave your Feedback for the plugin and NOT for the apps using the plugin, plugin has nothing to do with the channel quality and stability given by other apps (its not plugin fault).


Benefits of m3u Playlist Loader Plugin.
Has its own internal players (also Ytube internal player), can play a lot of Formats without any external player. Support external players (MXPlayer, Vlc, Wuffy, Xplayer, Ytube Official app,LocalCast and WebViewCast so far). Can convert links between player to make them playable to all. Can recognize which player is able to play a link and show only the working one (through a dialog).

m3u Format supported. Support standard m3u format files.
More info can be found at

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love it
michelle grooms
Jw Jw
great app
Karl Winslade