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About Vehicle Inspection Control

With this help and information content developed in vehicle inspection, we ensure that you take the necessary precautions and pass the vehicle inspection all at once, before you take your vehicle for examination.

The Pre-Vehicle Inspection information, which you will check the information on the application, contains the following contents:
- Final control application before examination,
- What you need to do before examination, and general information.
-The list of heavy defects,
-Lighting flaws,
- Required documents and documents list,
-Vehicle inspection stations,
- Receive a car inspection appointment option,
And we said that we will be your best friend with this and more?

Now all you have to do is download the app and get on top of your vehicle and complete the controls.

We have tried to explain the points and points that you need to pay attention to in vehicle inspection, vehicle inspection fees, vehicle inspection stations, vehicle appointment, heavy flaw list, light flaw list 2019, 2020, 2021, 2021.

We have not forgotten the problems you will encounter in Tüvtürk stations. In practice you will find enough information about this subject.

If you are in the last operations menu you need to do before the examination. We check the information in the list and check the check box and make the most final check.

We have written and described them in individual applications, from how to get an exhaust emission stamp.