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About Idle Superpowers

Idle Superpowers is a roguelike idle rpg where you are a superhero who can get multiple superpowers that are combinable and synergize with each other!
- 99+ superpowers to unlock
- random generation of powers ensures that each run plays different
- combine superpowers to create overpowered synergies
- procedural generated items and enemies
- challenges to unlock new upgrades, which require different playstyles

So far so good! This is a fun idle game with a unique and fresh idea! The gameplay is good and simple to understand but enough mechanics going on that there is some depth into the game. Keep up thegood work,...
Zachary Miller
Options has several boxes without any indication for what they do. Otherwise, quite enjoyable.
Tord Runnman
Its a good time passing idle game that feeds the OCD...the graphics are simplistic but its cool...ill give 5 stars so more people will hopefully try it out and improvements and additions can be made
Chris Daniels