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About Mandalas Coloring Book - Coloring Pages to Relax

🌟 Free coloring book app for to relax and enjoy! Part of the Coloring Book Pro family!

😎 No subscription necessary. All coloring pages are available without any premium subscriptions and new coloring collections are added regularly!

🎨 Featuring Mandala, Flowers, Paisley and Patterns coloring book collections and themes!

🎨 Bring your coloring pictures to life with our spectacular variety of color palettes, including gradient patterns and solid color sets!

🎨Over a hundred palette sets are present featuring 11 colors in each palette, that means there are over 1000 color combinations in all our palettes!

🌟 Simply tap to fill each section of the coloring page. For more added fun there is a special gesture swipe mode so you can easily spread the color across the page! Use your finger or even your Wacom/Samsung stylus pen to paint.

🌟 Pinch to Zoom will reveal the beautiful quality of the pictures! The quality remains amazing no matter how much you zoom!

🌟 Take a break and enjoy coloring with no advertisement whilst you are coloring. All palettes are unlocked from the start! Advertisement are only present whilst you browse the coloring pages and before starting to color.

🌟 Save your coloring page for editing later and even share with your friends!

🌟 Inspire others by publishing your amazing saved coloring pages! You can even recolor other amazing inspirational coloring pages published by others!

🌈 Color therapy is brilliant for stress relief and relaxation.

- If you find any problems with using the app or with any of the coloring pages, please let us know and we will fix asap!

- With the amazing number of high quality coloring pages included in this app, an internet connection is required.

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Use all the time i can be creative. Monthlt charge is less than $2
Monica Peralta