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About Wild Lion vs Dinosaur: Island Battle Survival

Welcome to the deadly shores of Jurassic dinosaur island with wild jungle adventure battle. In Wild Lion vs Dinosaur: Island Battle Survival game you have to be an angry lion which is battling for kingdom. Just forget lion vs tiger game and play this ultimate lion fighting with dinosaur in ferocious island battle. Survival among mighty beast is difficult for lion in lion vs dinosaur fight game. In this lion vs dinosaur games you have to win the RPG jungle battle against angry dinosaur. Come into the world of largest predator dinosaur, t-rex, tyrannosaurs rex, spinosaurus, velociraptors, allosaurus and dilophosaurus with dinosaur vs lion and tiger. Free to play lion fighting game and dinosaur jungle battle on huge island is here. In dinosaur vs dinosaur fighting games start survival battle against number of flying raptors. Save your lion family and clan of lion from dino attack. Be focused for island lion revenge, chase & hunt them in super dinosaur in the real adventure game.

Ultimate Battle of Survival on island:
Wild lion is ready to attack in lion vs dinosaur game. Play best animal simulator games and forget lion vs tiger fighting games. Fight for survival in the dangers of the wilderness as you fight against aggressive dino. In this dino vs ultimate lion, make your clan of angry lion and fight for lion supremacy and jungle’s kingdom. In wild island lion versus angry dinosaur not tiger is just like hunting lions and dinosaur attack. Hunt enemy dinosaurs and t rex, dominate the huge island landscape in lion fighting games. Control the furious angry lion in its fits of fury and help it survive by chasing, attacking and fighting as wildlife safari lion in wild simulator 3d. Lion vs dinosaur fighting simulator is one of the best in the category of dinosaur vs dinosaur fighting games with lion survival simulator. Attack and fight against the super dinosaur clan and tear down the giant tyrannosaurus with help of lion family and clan.

Best Lion vs Dinosaur Fight Game:
Lion vs dinosaur with wild jungle battle survival is here on island. Ultimate lion fight with wild dinosaur is all about quick attack in order to survive as your survival is the number one priority. Remember, you can get tired as well, make sure to check your health bar before challenging, fighting and attacking dino. Lion vs tiger fighting games is old idea and now you have to become an angry lion against wild dino fighting adventure on island for survival. Start hunting dinosaur and survive your lion family with the help of clan of ultimate lions in lion survival game. Start lion fighting game with dinosaur and win the battle of survival and kingdom on deadly island. Have you ever wanted to be the powerful jungle lion to control island jungle, wild dino attack and rule over the wildest animal attacks by hunting? Then play this lion vs dinosaur simulator is for you with wild animal fighting games concept.

Top Features in Wild Lion vs Dinosaur: Island Battle Survival

✓ Huge island jungle environment for wild adventure battle.
✓ Fight with multiple types of dinosaurs, t-rex and raptor.
✓ Save lion family with the help of clan of angry lions.
✓ Lion attack RPG fighting simulator.
✓ Live like a jungle king & hunt down prehistoric jurassic dinosaurs.

i love lions skins and tattoos.. it's fun to hunt different dinosaurs
Adeel Riaz
reallity base game
Mir Hassan
one of it's own wild lion Vs dinosaurs game with amazing game play and graphics. I will give it a fiver
Farooq Khawaja