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About Broc link for MicroFinances

Broc Link is a simple free Android app that helps you locate and download the best apps for quick payday loans and personal credits to fits users needs.

uses simple algorithm and locator to find best options for its users to fits their needs within their geographical location.

Our app is simple, fast and accurate.

Our service is provided without any warranty, if you are dissatisfied at any point with respect to our terms, you reserve the rights to discontinue using the service.

Lucy apps Inc developers owner of Broc link App do solemnly concur and abide to Google’s policies especially on protecting users from deceptive or harmful financial products.

You, personal loan consumers require information about the quality, features, fees, risks, and benefits of loan products in order to make informed decisions about whether to undertake the loan.

Please make sure you read and understand our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions – which are also available in our app, before applying for loan.

Loan amounts vary by country while interest rates and service rate (APR) are made to be flat range of rate regardless of the country.

The rates ranges from 4% APR to 29.4% APR (including interest rates and service rates) depending on your loan amount and the loan provider. Some providers do not charge service rates (i.e they only charge interest rates) and others do charge service fees, interest rates and roll back charges. Make sure before applying loan from a loan provider, you thoroughly go through all the descriptions of that particular lender

Repayment duration from lenders range from 90 days (more than 3 months) to 240 days (about 8 months) depending on your loan amount and the provider.

Representative Example:
If you borrow 4,000 Naira on a 120 days repayment term from a lender providing the loan at 9% APR, the Total repayment will be 4,360 Naira after the specified duration.

We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please e-mail us.

We do not provide loans, we ONLY link you to LENDERS that provide the services.

just easy to get connected. thanks luciy
William Temu