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About Lucky Deal

Lucky Deal is a shopping app that combines fun and excitement app or a reward program. Lucky Deal is an easy way to get whatever you need. Bid & save on online auctions for warehouse deals, closeout auctions.

With Lucky Deal, finding savings and gifts couldn’t be easier! Auctions and fixed deals on Lucky Deal are the best way to find fun offers, discover savings, or buy items at a fixed price.
Lucky Deal auctions offers discounts of up to 90% on brand new electronics, kitchen appliances, and more.
1) Save up to 99% on your favorite products
2) Offers, shopping discounts, and new auctions are posted everyday!
3) Win Electronics, Gift Cards, Daily necessities, Beauty, Apparel, Tools and more
4) Bargain hunting is fast and fun! Each bid raises the price by $0.01, you pay when you win an auction.

I absolutely love this app. I have won so many nice things! Totally addictive!
Shantelle Petkov
Quinton Graves
This is so addicting, I absolutely love it and it's lots of fun too! Thank you!!!
Reble Tapscott
Fun! Fair, and Easy. Sometimes it's a loss Sometimes it's a Win. Great Product Quality sruff. Sometimes things come fast sometimes not but , they are on top of it and sometimes gives credit if they take too ...
Ilina Firmager
Havent try it yet looks like a deal
Jackie Bush
Mikhal Lucas