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About Dua & Azkar

With technology evolving extremely rapidly, We continue to carry out intensive checks to ensure everything works smoothly for your devices to improve your experience. If in the event that you face an issue with the app, please try troubleshooting with the steps below:

Access the app settings in your phone
 Clear the 'App Data' for the Dua and Adhkar app.
Close the app and reopen it to implement changes

This is a hard reset for the app fixing the majority of issues some people may have.
Please Note: This will also remove all your saved data such as your favourites list as well as your downloaded audios.

If any issues persist following this process, do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

We have developed the app to work best on the latest versions of Android. This may mean those running outdated versions may need to upgrade to the later versions of Android available for your devices.

The focus of the Dua and Adhkar app is:

All the Duas in this app are from the Quran, well established books (ie. Hisnul Muslim), many being Duas that the vast majority have memorised but don’t implement.

All the chapters were thoughtfully compiled, and we only added features or functions that are needed to ensure ease of use for all age groups and to improve your experience.

People always have a habit of asking for more and more. But we believe as Muslims, we should make our foundations firm before building upon it. For this reason, we have focused on the most powerful Duas and Adhkar that if implemented, will bring success to the individuals life.

We have created this app for those in all stages of life, whether they are new Muslim or a young child. This should be simple enough for them to benefit from this.

Please email us at [email protected] or contact us via our website or message us on Facebook providing full details of this mistake as well as the Dua number. We will endeavour to have these mistakes corrected by following releases.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What should I do if I face an issue with the app?

You can try troubleshooting by accessing the app settings in your phone, clearing the app data for the Dua and Adhkar app, and closing and reopening the app to implement changes.

Will troubleshooting remove my saved data?

Yes, troubleshooting will remove all your saved data such as your favorites list and downloaded audios.

How can I contact the app support for further assistance?

You can contact us at [email protected] for any persistent issues.

Which versions of Android does the app work best on?

The app works best on the latest versions of Android. If you are running an outdated version, you may need to upgrade to the later versions available for your device.

What is the focus of the Dua and Adhkar app?

The focus of the app is authenticity, simplicity, and practicality. The Duas in the app are from the Quran and well-established books, and only necessary features have been added for ease of use. The app emphasizes the most powerful Duas and Adhkar for success in the individual's life.

Who is the app designed for?

The app is designed for those in all stages of life, including new Muslims and young children. It is made simple enough for everyone to benefit from.

How can I report errors or mistakes in the app?

You can email us at [email protected], contact us via our website, or message us on Facebook, providing full details of the mistake and the Dua number. We will try to correct these mistakes in future releases.
It is very rich app
Suleiman Bashir Adamu
MashaAllah Tabarakallah am learning a lot through this app.jazakallah kheyrah
Mima Jaffar
I have found it to be the best, concise, comprehensive prayer app and a very good companion
Munazza Mah Jabeen
Nazla Shareef
One of the best app Masha-Allah! Have been using this app over 8yrs now. The latest updates forced me write a review. It has become perfectly organized, clean, easy to use/understand and the counter just the...
Wardah AK
Little Faruk Abdullahi