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About lockscreen fingerprint lock real

Fingerprint Lock screen is application which helps you unlock your mobile phone by simulate to scan your fingerprints. Fingerprints graphics very amazing and scan is very great that make this application more professional. We have more ten brilliant, beautiful wallpapers which is provided to decode your screen.

realistic fingerprint scanner that simulates fingerprint reader to identify your identity.

This Fingerprints Lock screen application not really determined your fingerprints, it is only simulation application.

You can unlock by password when you scan your fingerprints. Lock screen will more security when you set up password.


- Provide 10 brilliant and beautiful wallpapers and more
- High security, prevent accessing your phone without password
- User can change wallpaper of lock screen
- Simulation lock screen Fingerprint
- Fingerprints Scan machine with graphic amazing
- Display digital clock, date month and time
- Use to password to lock screen,
- Show main screen of mobile phone as information: internet, wifi, battery…
- Support 60 language and more
- Work well on phone, tablet

- Many wallpapers to choose, you can select wallpaper from gallery
- Saving memory and battery, simple to use, beautiful design

★★★ How to Use:
Open the app settings, and tick the Enable Screen check box to enable it.
Click the Set Wallpaper to switch to different beautiful backgrounds
Create password and confirm this password

Yes. Like. It. You. The. Best
Gavin piper
I hope the app is great I'm just installing it finger crossed it works
gb's earth
My little brother can't get in my phone.
Rick Rod