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About Knights of Ages

Knights of Ages is a mobile SRPG,currently in Early Access.

Knights of Ages is a hardcore mobile game that includes elements of strategy, war chess, management, plot, turn-based, etc.
Its setting background is similar to that of the medieval Arthurian period in Europe. The plot is independent and the story is colorful!
In this game, you as an extraordinary warrior, determined to change your destiny!
There are more than 20 classes in the game, and players can experience a diverse class transfer system.
And there are different ways of support and restraint between different classes that are balanced and changeable.
These are waiting for your deliberation, to form your mercenary group, and lead the brothers to win every battle!
Is it for righteousness, love, brotherhood or faith?
These are always in conflict in the game!
Of course, sometimes you can rely not only on your own force, but on the daily operations of trade.
The game also has a rich and random training system, you can cultivate a variety of successors.
Not only can characters marry and have children, but also inherit the family’s unique heirloom.
Let them inherit your glory, and the spirit of pride!
Let it all pass on, from generation to generation, singing the legend of your family’s immortality!
Establish your own family, expand your territory, become the king of this era!

The game is still in beta phase now, if there is any bug or suggestion, please give us feedback on the following media.
Contact us:
G-mail: [email protected]

Have great potential, but a little bit confussing between playing main story or do mission. But overall great inovation game.
Amhar Nuha
This game is crazy good, once you play I can assure you keep being on it for hrs on end that you could not believe it. Best old school srpg Ive ever played, esp in this day and age where money grab games are...
Khoa Le
Great game great concept please make a link account for Google play instead of Facebook its really lame I don't use Facebook anymore but I love the game
midnight haze