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About Live Statistics Darts: Scoreboard

Live Statistics Darts is the most powerful, but free Darts Scoreboard App ever created and your personal darts coach!
Use our E.P.I.C. (Efficient Points Input Control = easy and efficient entering of scores) to get in touch with a whole new dimension of Live Statistics.
Just concentrate on your throws, the App will do the rest!



Games: x01, Cricket, Around the Clock

E.P.I.C.: „Efficient Points Input Control“ - Allows you to enter your thrown darts both accurately and fast! You can also use an alternative input method which lets you enter just the sum of all darts (at the cost of more detailed statistics).

Graphs, Text & Board Statistics: Throw Distribution, Inner-Outer Distribution, Single-Dart Comparison, Averages and much more! New: Burndown Chart and Scorer Average

Players: LSD supports more than 8 Players for a game. So no problem to play with more than one friend at one board!

AI Opponent: Can you beat our LSD Bots? Or create your own Bot with individual double and/or scoring skills!

Personal Profile: Stay on top of things: Win Rate, 3-Dart-Average, Thrown Darts and much more!

Achievements: Challenge yourself and gain all of the LSD Trophys!

New: Chromecast support: You can now stream your match statistics live to a Chromecast device in the same network! This allows everyone in the room to view all of the important statistics and the players to view required points and good checkout possibilities!

New: Experimental voice input: The app now features an experimental voice input, which can be used to enter scores without touching your phone! Please note that this is an experimental feature and may not work perfectly in all situations. We'd love to hear your feedback on this feature!

New: Save your data: Backup your statistics and profiles to external storage, e.g. in order to re-import them on your new device!

Share Shortcut: Share your Profile or gamestats with your friends!


App permissions:

Microphone / Record audio: Only used for the optional voice input feature. Recorded audio is not sent to any server, and only processed locally on your device.

Storage: Used for creating and importing backups of your data, as well as temporarily storing images when sharing your stats with your friends.

Internet: For sending crash reports and anonymous usage statistics. We use that data only in order to reproduce and fix bugs, as well as otherwise optimizing the app. You can opt out of analytics collection in the settings.

Control Vibration: For letting the device vibrate when you unlock an achievement.

Prevent phone from sleeping: For keeping the device active during a game.

View WiFi/Network connections, full network access: For Chromecast functionality (detecting Chromecast devices in the network and streaming match statistics to them)

Billing Service: We display some ads which do not disturb during normal gameplay, in order to pay development costs. You can purchase an item for an ammount that you can choose, in order to remove the ads and support the development of this app.


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Really good. Easy to score quickly.
Joe Germ
Awesome app
Paul Hines
Worth it. Trust me!
George M.