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About Writing Challenge for Kids

Writing Challenge for Kids is an app to express creativity, have fun with writing, spark inspiration and improve writing skills.

• Kids between 7 and 14 years who want to write their own stories.
• Writers who want to write books for children.
• Parents who want to make their kids play with their creativity.
• Teachers who want to improve creativity and writing skills in their classrooms.

It's easy. You just have to press "start" and the app gives you the first prompt to start writing your story. Choose the one that you most like and fire up your writing. Then, every minute (or the period of time you choose; you can set it in the app settings) the app will give you a new prompt for you to add new ideas, words, characters, sentences, places or actions to the plot. Quite a challenge to turn your writing into a game!

• Generates millions of creative writing ideas for children storytelling.
• Great for homes and schools.
• Inspiration. Forget about creative blocks and carry always the muses with you.
• Fun and Motivation. With this app writing is like a game, because when we enjoy, everything gets easier.


Improvise and experience free writing is now funnier than ever. Great for kids, parents and teachers. And, of course, for writers who want to write children books. You will never fear the blank page again.

Have fun and happy writing!!

l actually love this app! I start our homeschool day with this and my children love it. They don't have the reluctance they once had to write, they just dive in!!
BrainStorm Homeschool Academy
This app helps write silly stories. I love this app!
Xiuli Yu