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About TunerView for Android

TunerView is a Realtime Datalog tool for Android devices which uses bluetooth adapter to connect to your ECU. With the new version you can Reflash the ECU using KTunerFlashV1.2 device.

User Manual:

App is not free, you must have to buy a datalog protocol via In-App payment to use the app. We can refund your purchase if you have problem or you don't like the app.

If you have any issue, please contact support by email!

The app supports the following protocols:
- Crome QD2 (Honda™)
- Crome QD2 with Moates Demon (Honda™)
- Crome QD3 (Honda™)
- eCtune (Honda™)
- ECUMaster EMU
- KTuner R1 (Honda™)
- KTunerFlashV1.2 (Honda™)
- KTunerFlashV2 (Honda™)
- Neptune (Honda™)
- Neptune RTP (Honda™)
- GUFB with Moates QuarterHorse (Ford™)
- CBAZA with Moates QuarterHorse (Ford™)
- OBD1 0D definition with Moates Autoprom (GM™)
- Moates SuperLogger
- NismotronicSA (Nissan™)
- Hondata™ S300 V3 (Bluetooth) (Honda™)
- OBD2 ELM327 support (limited beta)

For Honda OBD1, Nismotronic ECU's or Moates devices you can buy bluetooth module from Direct ECU, Demon 1, Demon 2, Nismotronic and QuarterHorse has different pinout and different baudrate. If you have question or problem please contact us at [email protected] or check our support forum:

More info: &

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I have a galaxy tablet. It'll connect right away. But disconnect when i start to drive. Reconnecting is the issue. Love the layouts and the way it looks on my tablet and on my dash ;) I tried just connecting...
Matthew Menchaca
Connectings a bit a problem sometimes, but that could be my phone or the bluetooth module? Still 5 stars anyways🖒 Also wont datalog to my phone, saying every file is too small to open? But again i think it ...
NunYa BizBro!
The support for this app is amazing, very helpful.
A Google user