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About Pow Pow Dungeon : Idle

She is the best full-force hunter with no backing up in the idle action RPG growing dungeon world.
Three Demon King brothers who took away all their property and equipment while we were unaware.
Chasing them, we are heading towards the abyss today as we smash the demons. Run Powpow Girl~!

◆ Features of the Game ◆
Defeat the monsters of the demon world
Wringing out the soul! One hit for every 10 gold!

◆ Defeat the named monsters ◆
Let’s get rid of the special monster to make your name proud!

◆ Acquire various equipment ◆
Acquire rare equipment and grow to the max

◆ Nurture various pets ◆
Why are you guys coming out from here?

◆ Arena that starts and ends with the beating with the bat ◆
You can never beat the taste of timing and beating with the bat!

◆ Dungeon breakthrough ◆
Break through the dungeon of the demon brood and set a new record.

◆ Overflowing costumes ◆
Various costumes that explode comedy and style

◆ My Own Story - Chronicle ◆
The best part of role playing is making my own story!

★ Language Support ★
English, 日本語, 简体中文, 繁體中文, Deutsch, Español, 한국어

Ads and in-app products are sold in the game.
Post game-related inquiries on the bulletin board in the game, or send them by email for quick reply. Please be aware that data will be deleted when deleting the game. Deleted data cannot be recovered.

To save and preserve play information on your device, you need the following permissions. [Required]

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It's a fun and good game to me
mila granny vlog