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About Linkmate

Feeling a bit stuck or disconnected… or just need to get something off your chest? Want to be heard and supported by someone who can relate to what you’re going through? Download Linkmate for empathetic chats with our trained Mates. ‘Mate’ is an Aussie term used to refer to a friend, but to us – it’s so much more than that. A Mate is someone who exudes warmth, empathy and trust, showing up for you unconditionally during good times and bad.

With Linkmate, you can choose whatever topic you want support with and whoever you want to talk to about it. There’s no shame in struggling and everyone needs help sometimes. Your Mates can offer a listening ear and help you figure things out. Your problems are important and you deserve a safe place to talk about them. You can talk to your Mate about a range of different things - whether it’s relationship issues, losing a loved one, identity or even if you just want to chat.

Feel unburdened as you talk to someone who can relate. Sharing your story with someone who has walked in your shoes allows you to create such a strong and empathetic bond that you wouldn’t be able to form with anyone else. Your Mate looks at you as a person beyond your struggles - as someone with strengths, dreams and joy that is uniquely beautiful.

By learning more about what makes you you, your Mates can help you find additional support and social connection in your local community. This could be anything from employment support, to a book club and even a dancing class.

Your conversations are confidential, safe and anonymous. Come as you are and share your thoughts in a place free of judgement. Feel accepted, heard and connected to support that’s right for you.

- Text-based support with an empathetic Mate
- Social referrals to activities, services and events in your local community
- Track your wellbeing over time with your wellbeing check-in

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