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About FNF multiplayer pvp online

You're a big fan of FNF. You do love challenging your besties in music battles on Friday night. So, this game is definitely for you. A super light and smart game where you can invite your friends to join a fantastic music contest. Let enjoy this amazing game and climb to top rank together.
Play online together anywhere.
Full funkin mods: Tricky, Tabi, Miku, Zardy, Whitty, Miku,...
Full FNF songs, full weeks as much as you know.
Multiplayer pvp music battle.
Real opponents - Real funkin music battles.
Make your own incredible music contests by the invite button.
Be updated frequently.
Match notes to beat your opponent and get cups as much as possible to unlock the next weeks. Then, you can choose the week you love to enjoy your funkin time. Or, we will help you find out suitable week in custom mode.
Have fun!
Dance with cg5 and Funkin rhythm!
And, enjoy your Funkin music battles!

Its gud but its still freezing
Melchieve Rufino
This game is better than the other one you can play actual multiplayer with your friends it's so better than the other one
HunterMonkey Elliott