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About Fnf Pvp : multiplayer online

Are you exhausted on Friday night? You don’t wanna go outside. However, you still wanna entertain your friends in this tough time?
How do you think about a funkin music battle online? A game can help you befriend everyone around the world while you stay safe at home. You and your opponent – a real opponent, not a computer, could join an Fnf music battle online. That is Fnf Pvp: multiplayer online.
What would you do?
Just tap the arrow when they exact match. Feel the music and rock the beat. Dance with cg5 and Funkin rhythm!
Match notes to beat your opponent and get cups as much as possible to unlock next week.
There are full 7 weeks with over 5 mods like mid-fight masses, tricky, ugh, whitty, miku, hex, sky, b-side in this game.
Play online, Multiplayer pvp battle.
Always update new mods and new features!
Have fun! And enjoy your Funkin music battles!

Is my dream to habe fnf multiplayer
Harold Fung
This game is very good πŸ˜―βœ¨πŸ€žπŸ‘
fanysia cung
your friday noght funkin is so cool i love it so much it means so much for me and dl more friday night funkin it really makes me happy also have fun making it
Niamh Cooney