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About LifeWay Women

A place to gather around God’s Word

The LifeWay Women app will help you connect with other women as you study God’s Word. In the app, you’ll find Bible Study enhancements to go along with some of your favorite studies, with new studies added each month. Whether you are studying on your own or with a group, this app gives you flexibility, encouragement, and accountability to keep you engaged with God’s Word!

Features include:


Read the latest news and updates from LifeWay Women.


Study Bible passages that correspond with your Bible study book each day and reflect through journaling prompts.

Use the notifications feature for accountability to stay up-to-date with your study.


Start your own Bible study group within the app as you go through a study together.

Share thoughts, encouragement, prayer requests, and more within your own private group.


Listen to the latest episode of our podcast with our in-app player.


Post your own prayer needs and spend time praying for each other’s needs.