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About Ear Booster Aid: Super Clear Hearing Audible Tool

Ear Booster - Best Clear Hearing Aid, amplify and boost sound from surroundings for better clear hearing. This APP amplifies microphone voice from your surroundings for better hearing.
Ear Booster - Best Clear Hearing Aid features let you amplify external voices coming through microphone, augment and filter noise from voices, and stream the magnified voice to wired or Bluetooth headset.

WHY Ear Booster Best Clear HEARING AID APP ?
1. Boost important sound and reduce unwanted or distracting noise around you and on your device.
2. Hear better during conversations and meetings.
3. Ear agent for super clear hearing during events where the speaker is far away.
4. Amplify sound from Television, Radio, Speaker, Laptop, etc.
5. Restore normal hearing levels against hearing loss.
6. Temporary App when you lose your medical device.

Ear Booster super clear aid app has the following features:
This feature must be used with speaker, headset or earphone.
Available in both wired and wireless(Bluetooth, WIFI).
Attach external speaker, headset or earphone before you speak.
Try using a sound effect.
Enjoy the good sound of it.
Other Features:
1. High-Quality Sound Feedback
2. Powerful Sound Amplifier
3. Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
4. Equalizer & Presets
5. Bass Booster (BB)
6. Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
7. Graphic Virtualizer
8. Volume Controller
9. Noise Suppression
10. Wave Visualizer
11. Save your configurations
HEADPHONES REQUIRED. To avoid awful audio feedback you need to use headphones.
For better enhanced listening " Control Loudness Sensitivity" and GRAPHICAL EQUALIZER bar is added.

1. Connect headset or earphones to your smartphone. If you're using a Bluetooth or wireless headset, ensure Bluetooth is on and your device is properly connected to your phone. You can play music to test its functionality.
2. Launch Ear Booster Best Hearing Aid Amplifier and tap "ON Button" for the hearing amplifier to capture and amplify sound into your headset.
3. Put your phone near any source of sound to amplifier to capture and amplify sound in real-time.
4. Listen to the amplified sound using your device as aid for ear.

*Using Bluetooth
NOTE! Using Bluetooth headset brings additional delay to sound transmission.
This application is perfect for people who cannot hear too well. Plug in a headset, activate the application and improve your hearing immediately.

The Ear Booster Clear Audible Aid App is not approved as a medical device or software and cannot be used as a hearing aid with doctor`s (ENT) prescription. This app is for non-harmful remote hearing via Bluetooth (e.g. listening to nature / property monitoring) and sound amplification (non-medical hearing aid), not to listen in on private conversations. Please use Ear Scout responsibly. Please be noted that Ear Booster is not a spy device. You must use this app responsibly and do not do any kind of unauthorized task using this app. And make sure to use a headphones or bluetooth headsets to avoid automatic feedback.
If you have an opinion on functions, bug report, trouble report and any other questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.
([email protected])

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EAR Booster is the super ear tool for my little sister we cant affort device, she was little when we notice my sister has this problem,i m very worry but after searching on playstore i found this app very he...
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