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About Relic Warrior 3D

Darkness fell, and the new world broke again. The brothers and sisters who were far from the town were hunted by the devil. After waking up from the nightmare, the younger sister had been taken away by the devil's men.
The game is newly built with the Unity engine. The roles are optional fighters and wizards! Add a variety of props, more attributes!
Remember the classics of the year, the brilliant magic! Rekindle the passion again! . First-class hit feel.
There is no need to find a specific NPC to upgrade the props, you can directly upgrade the level in the backpack. A weapon with skills will release the weapon's skills after continuous attacks.
Of course, if you think the game is good or have any suggestions or questions, you can comment on it!

I give 5star Plz update game mu.for shop blue feather etc.plz.almost failed in goblin crafts.plz high percent the goblin thanks. use number stock in warehouse not only in sell stock.npc also in di...
Amixed Lvideos
I want to give you 10 stars. Thank you so much for adding a wizard. And on top of that, 3D. You're a genius.
Demonhare Shinobi
Good game....I hope game will save data with google and character class