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About Cribbage With Grandpas

Cribbage With Grandpas is a game where you play cribbage with your grandpa. It features a grandpa creator which allows the player to create a grandpa of their choosing and select what personality they should have (grumpy, silly, sweet, etc.) which affects light dialogue during play.

Cribbage is a pre-existing card game that was created in the 1600's known for it's unique wooden board and scoring system. It can be enjoyed by players of all ages and types.

One time purchase, no IAP or ads.

- Create the grandpa of your choice from a selection of over 200 different parts!
- Several levels of difficulty for the beginner to the expert cribbage player to choose from!
- Hundreds of lines of dialogue to help your grandpa's personality come alive!
- Share photos of your grandpa on facebook and twitter!
- Plenty of different environments and snacks, each with charming sonic accompaniment!

Cole Steinmetz
I play this every night before bed to unwind. It's absolutely delightful!
Katie Freeman
Utterly charming interface that makes learning and playing cribbage a really relaxing and fun experience. I had no idea how to play before this, despite being really into games and trying to learn in other w...
Patrick McG