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About LendMN

LendMN is the loan app product of LendMN NFBI LC. LendMN NFBI LC is duly-registered financing company with Registration No 5039754 and Certificate of Authority to Operate (as a Financing Company) No. 1/493 as of 24 th of June 2015.

LendMN NFBI strictly adheres with the local regulations and standards of Mongolia. Moreover, we are compliant with the Anti-Money Laundering Commission and National Data Privacy Commission.

Loan Application Requirements:
Valid government ID
Phone verification through codes (OTP-One time password)
Bank account required
No security or collateral required

Privacy and Consent
The protection of your personal information is our utmost priority; we strictly adhere with 5th rule of Mongolian Individual Privacy Law and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. Always read and review the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Loan Agreements (to include Disclosure Statement) prior to proceeding with the application and loan disbursement.

How to apply?
Simply download the LendMN app
Fill out our instant loan application in the LendMN mobile app
Undergo verification through our secured AI, Machine Learning system
Once approved, you get cash directly sent into your nominated bank account as well as customer’s electronic wallet within minutes.

How to repay?
You shall be receiving loan repayment reminders 3-days prior to and on the due date of your loan through email, SMS and app notifications. Repay and re-loan instantly, no re-application required.
Pay through bank account that are linked in the mobile app.
Repay on time to earn bonus points and unlock other LendMN benefits such as lower fees, higher loan limit and a longer loan terms.
Loans can be repaid anytime, up to 180 days ( up to 6 months)

LendMN loan product:

LendMN’s roster of loan products currently include a personal loan and a salary loan product, available to loan any amount from 50,000MNT to 6,000,000MNT for up to 180 days. Citizen of Mongolia who are 18 and above are open to download the application and avail a personal loans subject to an onboarding process. We provide personal micro loans with effective monthly interest rate range from 3%-9% and an APR range starting at 36%. Example for a 90-day loan with principal amount of 700,000MNT, the interest fee be at 42,900MNT; total amount due be at 742,900MNT. No
hidden fees.

At LendMN, we value responsible borrowing and we strongly advocate a financial literacy. Every loan, you shall be provided an actual Disclosure Statement that you will either agree or discontinue the loaning process. Always review the fees, charges and terms and conditions of your loan offer before proceeding and accepting your loan.

For any inquiries or comments, immediately e-mail us at [email protected], and we shall gladly assist you.

If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please contact us at:
Email: [email protected]
Customer Service Hotline: (976) 77070101
Facebook: @lendmn
Instagram: @lendmn
Address: Pearl tower" building, Tourist street-34, 3rd khoroo, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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