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About LegacyofLove Parent Journal

Welcome to Legacy of Love, the world’s #1 person-to-person journaling app. Designed for parents or grandparents to capture memories, leave lessons, and save forever the little moments that might otherwise fade from memory with the passage of time. Think of us as the “Modern Day Scrapbook.” A digital home where you can add photos, images, audio, saved voice mails, and video…..and it is all searchable. Your data is private and secure, to be organized as you want and shared with only the people you choose.
Built by parents, for parents (and grandparents) to have a safe and secure place to journal to your children about their lives. The thought behind this product is that you can journal to your children throughout their childhood, telling the stories of their lives and your life, documenting things like family vacations, sporting events, happy times, sad times, challenging times, capturing the real fabric of your lives. Then you can give this to your children at some point (high school graduation, 18th  birthday, etc.) as “18 years of your life through my eyes.”

Auto Age Calculation – Every entry automatically calculates your age and the age of your child (or children) so you can look back on the entries with context of where you were at the different stages of your lives
Easy Photo Editing – You can easily crop, rotate, and edit photos
Safe & Secure – Your data is private and secure, backed up on redundant servers in the cloud
Add Additional Scribers – You can invite up to 6 “scribers” (spouse, grandparents, etc.) into one account
(Family Plan)
Tag Any Entry – Any entry can be tagged to make searching and sorting even easier
Add Audio & Save Voice Mails – Record your own audio files to leave messages in your own voice; or save those first precious voicemails from your children
Add Video – Record or upload videos into any journal entry
Milestone Timeline – See a beautiful visual timeline of the major events (as defined by you) of your child’s life
Photo Book Output – Coming soon! You can export your entries to a beautiful hard copy photo book that tells the story of your child’s life in a visually stunning way.
MISSION – To provide a safe and secure environment for parents and grandparents to capture memories, save moments, and leave lessons that will create a multi-generational legacy for their families.
To leave heart-to-heart conversations
Provide insight to loved ones
To show a timeline of your child’s life
Place to tell the story of “your life through my eyes”
Give perspective on life decisions (that might not be understood by the children at the time of the decision)
Capture memories that might otherwise fade away with time

These kinds of apps are neccessary in our digital world. They can he accessed by anyone so that they understand the love and devotion we have shown for our children. Without this I would not exist.
Gordon Broward
This app is amazing! My family loves it! Great way to save something for my kids down the road and its private!
Incredible idea and platform. Thanks!
Lucas Piper
Very comprehensive! Works really great with phones and mobile devices! The developers are always improving the product! Very happy with this product to help me stay connected across platforms. It creates a q...
Pimwadee Limsirichai
This app rocks!! As someone who has been journaling for the past 15 years this makes thr process so much easier and all in one place and preserves those memories forever!!! Truly priceless! ❤🙏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Sam Wegert
This is a wonderful application for creating journals to family members, or even a journal to yourself. It's easy to use and support is available timely and efficiently, and friendly. I love that this is a f...
Carolyn Newberry