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About LastPass MFA

LastPass MFA is a multi-factor authentication solution for businesses that goes beyond standard two-factor authentication to ensure only the right users have the right access, without adding complexity to the login experience. This app is only applicable to business customers who purchased LastPass MFA or LastPass Identity.

The solution leverages biometric factors such as fingerprint, face and pattern coupled with contextual factors such as geolocation and IP address to seamlessly authenticate users while also detecting suspicious login activity. LastPass MFA works across cloud, mobile, on-premise apps and VPN, and with a unique security-by-design model ensures biometric data remains private and secure.

The LastPass MFA is mobile app is available for businesses of all sizes, and works for both LastPass MFA and LastPass Identity product lines on iOS and Android.

Once you receive an activation email from your company, download the LastPass MFA app to setup your account.

Looking for 2FA to use on personal accounts? Check out LastPass Authenticator, a free two-factor authentication app.

Does the job
Erock Galarza
Pleeease make this app available for normal users I'm dying for it
Mathieu Bishara
I appreciate your quick response. My issue is resolved. Note to potential users: if you came to this app after reading about it in an article in an online android blog or magazine, the articles do not mentio...
Mel Russell
Thank you
Giant Note: You MUST have a business enterprise license. This app is not for everyone. With that in mind, this works great. LastPass is stepping up its game, this is a big boost to the company in becoming a ...
Joe Holloway