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About Gurk III, the 8-bit RPG

The long-awaited sequel to the also-long-awaited sequel to the beloved 8-bit RPG has finally arrived! The third installment in the series is a bigger adventure than ever before, with loads of new monsters and items, many with unique effects and abilities. Character classes are better-differentiated and combat tactics are more subtle and interesting without sacrificing the hack'n'slash ethos that Gurk fans adore. The dedication to 8-bit culture remains fervent, with the complete 20-song soundtrack rendered with analog synth emulators that will evoke the classic sounds of the game systems of the 1980s. It's all enough to justify the outrageously steep $2 price tag, so pay up and get Gurkin'!

All 3 gurks are a must have. I remember first playing gurk 1 on its initial release a long time ago. Its exactly what you expect and more. Great for og 8 bit rpg players. Brings me back to final fantasy 1 da...
Gabe Torres
A brilliant game, perfectly made, good for hours of fun. Just the right pace for leisurely, addictive gameplay.
Bob Janis-Dillon
I love these games but it runs very slowly even considering the 8-bit style. I don't remember my speccy being quite as slow as this! Give it a speed boost please!
Paul M