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About Awareness Diary

This application is developed by Lamara Zhabina and Igor Zhabin and is a unique tool that helps every user promote personal and spiritual growth.

==== How? ====
The key to success is your awareness in thoughts, actions and deeds. The diary acts as a certain detector that will clearly show you whether you move towards your goal or, on the contrary, away from it.

==== Why does it work? ====
Things that happen in life of every person are the product of his thoughts and actions. In other words, the principle of cause-effect relationship works. Remember one thing – you create your own reality. Secret knowledge kept in the cultures and traditions of various nations indicate this fact. For instance, biblical “One must reap as one has sown” illustrate this knowledge that is preserved these days. If you think of someone bad, someone will do a bad thing for you; if you rejoice at someone’s success, this will help you realize your dream.

The Diary will help you trace your good and bad deeds during the course of the day and remind you about and actions needed to be taken to eradicate the consequences of your bad deeds.

The application has been developed as a tool for Your Personal growth. Concentration on positive things, positive thoughts and personal sincerity will guide you to success.

Don’t forget that the bank, let’s name it “Universe”, works with interest. When you deposit at least one good or kind thought or action, you get a lot of kindness, love, money, and help in return. If you deposit anger, hypocrisy, lies - be sure to have unpleasant situations for you and your relatives in return.

==== How to use the application? ====
The Diary reminds you 6 times a day to make notes for being aware and not to lose contact with reality. You make create a list of deeds you want to do and the app will remind you to do it in the specified time. The Diary reminds you about the necessity of having coffee-meditation.

==== Main menus and functional =====
- Diary -
• make text notes
• add pictures (from gallery or make a photo)
• record audio, if there is no time to type the text
• swipe on the screen to left-right to browse dates and previous notes
• tap on current date to go to Calendar

- Calendar -
• switch between "week" and "month" modes to choose the needed day
• mark completed coffee-meditation
• make a note of the Thought of the Day

- To-do list -
• create a to-do list
• edit the list and mark completed actions
• set reminders for a certain date and time

- Settings -
• set passwords and protect your data with a fingerprint
• set a convenient range of time and number of notifications
• set convenient time for coffee-meditation (or cancel it)
• leave a review or contact us

I was using a physical awareness diary and always had a trouble in caring it always with me and always forget to right there. Now I can focus during the day on my goals.
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