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About Barber Chop

There are 11 characters to choose from: 10 adults (4 adult women, 4 adult men, 2 Santa Claus) and 1 teenager. This game is for anybody with a creative mind. It’s also useful as a learning module for current and prospective hair stylists. All you need is your finger and your imagination. Turn on the volume on your device to hear the sound of the tools. You will feel like you’re right there in the barber shop or hair salon.

* The ultimate hair salon and barber shop for men and women.
* Pick a character of your choice.
* Rotate the image to cut and design hair on each side of the head.
* Cut hair with precision using tools such as clippers, scissors, razors and clip guards. The clip guards let you reduce the thickness of the hair, which is a technique known as a fade.
* Create a design and share your work on social media (Facebook, Instagram,Twitter).

* Selfie-based Haircut: take a selfie, apply hairstyles, then create your own custom selfie haircut!
* Added Design Feeds, check out cool designs by other player!
* Back button to undo the last action you did. As long as your finger stays on the screen, it will count as one action.
* Zooming options for most characters, allowing more accurate cutting.
* Adjustable clip guards to reduce hair thickness.
* Razors for complete hair removal. You can shave the face or head bald.
* Sharing button.
* Music options to listen to while playing.
* Camera button to let you save your work into your photo album,
* Rotation button to rotate the head

Get ready to experience a realistic game that allows you to show off your skills, be creative or become a better barber. There are different ethnicities and genders to choose from. Each character has plenty of hair on their head to give you a limitless number of hairstyles to create. A timer that appears on the screen once you start to play will show you how long it took you to create your hairstyle. It will also be displayed on your saved photo.

You and others will see how skillful you’re getting each time you play. Everything is free!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who can play Barber Chop?

This game is for anybody with a creative mind.

How many characters can you choose from in Barber Chop?

There are 11 characters to choose from: 10 adults (4 adult women, 4 adult men, 2 Santa Claus) and 1 teenager.

Is Barber Chop useful as a learning module for hair stylists?

Yes, Barber Chop is useful as a learning module for current and prospective hair stylists.

What tools can you use in Barber Chop?

You can cut hair with precision using tools such as clippers, scissors, razors, and clip guards. The clip guards let you reduce the thickness of the hair, which is a technique known as a fade.

Can you share your work on social media in Barber Chop?

Yes, you can create a design and share your work on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Are there any features in Barber Chop to help you with accuracy while cutting hair?

Yes, there are zooming options for most characters, allowing more accurate cutting. There are also adjustable clip guards to reduce hair thickness.

Can you listen to music while playing Barber Chop?

Yes, there are music options to listen to while playing.

Is saving your work possible in Barber Chop?

Yes, there is a camera button to let you save your work into your photo album.

Can you rotate the head in Barber Chop?

Yes, there is a rotation button to rotate the head.

Is Barber Chop free to play?

Yes, everything in Barber Chop is free.
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