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About QR Scanner : QR code maker, barcode Scanners

QR scanner is the best app for scanning QR-code and barcode. This QR code reader, QR-codes Scanner, Barcode Scanner scan almost all kind of QR and barcodes instantly including text, URL, ISBN(bar code), contact, calendar, email etc. Most importantly, it is the fastest, safest and also free QR Code Reader, QR code scanner, barcode scanners app. It is both QR code reader or QR code scanner and QR code generator or QR code maker and barcode scanner.

Our QR Code scanning app are not only can scan QR Code and scan barcode, you can generate and customise your own QR Codes with our QR-Code Generator.

Key features of QR reader / QR scanner for android
• Free QR code scanning app
• Free Barcode scanner app
• Free QR code maker app

QR Reader(QR Scanner) user guide:
1. Launch the QR scanner
2. Place the QR-codes or Barcodes inside the frame.
3. Our QR code Reader or QR code Scanner will automatically recognise and scan QR code and barcodes.

Main Feature this scanning qr code app:
• Instant scan QR and barcodes
• Easy generate QR code and barcodes
• Scan or read all standard 1D and 2D code types (including almost all QR and barcodes)
• QR code or barcode scanned history
• Scan Barcode to compare price(Bar code Scanner)
• Scan or read QR code or barcode from photos

QR Reader/QR Scanner supported QR-code and barcode format:
• website (URL)
• contact
• barcodes
• ISBN(bar code)
• wifi
• plain text
• phone number
• email

QR Code and barcode is everywhere, download our free qr code scanning app and start to scan any QR-codes and barcodes now. What are you hesitate? Download the app now!

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I will Tell you more about it I have used it 3 times it was very fast
Matt Layne
Perfect app
Robertsaidi Milanzi
Excellent app
Very good app!!
Weng Jeff
Great QR Scanner with Quick Action When Lined up in Center of Red Square Window, Then Beep! Indicating Process done with Instant Picture of and Product Description with Stores Where to Purchase...Have Worked...
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Nice app.
Umakant Shukla Pandit ji