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About Krabooz Carez

The Krabooz Care App has been created to support children and parents with taking the best possible care of their pet hermit crab and is available to download FREE

The Krabooz is a new and innovative pet experience that was created by the team at “Happy Bash”, a pet innovation company who develop unique pet programs to help teach children about the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Key features of The Krabooz Care App include:

- Build Your Own online Kraboozatar

- Care Alertz: Receive care alerts that include when to feed, change water or give your krabooz a treat and more, then be rewarded with spare shellz for completing each care task in time.

- Parents Alertz: Parents opt in to receive a weekly care report on how the Krabooz is been looked after based on the alertz completions.

- Care Info: Also receive up to date Carez information at your fingertips….

- Heat Mat Monitor: A location based service letting you know when to put your heat mat on for your Krabooz if it’s too cold and when to turn off if too hot.

- Get your Tribez certificate, play The Krabooz theme song or get social

Plus much much more!