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About WhatWeather - Weather Station ad-free

Use your old android phone or tablet as a weather station. All you need is to install this app. The display stays always on and the content is automatically updated. You can see current weather, hourly forecasts for the day and daily forecasts for a week at a glance. Also you can see the temperature and the air pressure values of the last hours - absolutely free and without annoying ads.


What is this app good for?
The initial idea was to revive old tablets, that are still working, but became too slow or too insecure because of the old Android version. Usually these tablets are still good enough to run WhatWeather.

How can you offer a free version without ads?
As long as OpenWeatherMap offers weather data for free I can offer WhatWeather for free. Other weather data providers cost money, therefore I cannot offer them free of charge.

How many people are developing WhatWeather (Pro)
I am a single person having a regular full-time job as a software developer. WhatWeather is a free time hobby project.

Do you offer 24/7 support?
No, see answer above. I give my best to check e-mails daily and to answer your requests.

Why is feature XY missing?
To contact me is a better idea, than to write a 1-star review. Give me a chance to put it on my list or to explain, why I don't want to implement it.

Why don't you support Android versions earlier than 4.1?
I use libraries, that have their own Android version requirements. I have to follow them. Moreover Google demands usage of modern versions of its libraries, so I periodically have to update them. If the new library version one day requires i.e. 4.4, I will have to set the minimum version to 4.4 too.

I purchased Pro with my smartphone. Can I use it on another device?
The whole purchase process is managed solely by Google. You can install purchased apps on any device, where you are logged in with your Google account. You can even share it with your family. If you have troubles to install the purchased app on another device, please go to a desktop PC and install it from the browser, selecting the desired target device from the drop-down list. Please contact me, if this workaround doesn't work.

Apple purchased DarkSky. What does it mean for WhatWeather Pro?
The Dark Sky API will remain working until the end of 2021. I'm currently offering AccuWeather as a replacement and evaluating further options.

Why doesn't WhatWeather have a widget?
WhatWeather isn't yet another weather app. It's supposed to be a weather station. Its main screen should always remain on, so you don't need a widget.

There is much empty space on the screen, why don't you fill it up with bigger font or additional data?
There is one layout, that has to fit all the different aspect ratios, time and date formats, languages and optional data, that you can turn on and off. My reference is an old Google Nexus 7. I am improving the layout continuously, but it will possibly never fit your particular device perfectly.

WhatWeather asks for the GPS permission. What do you use it for?
The weather data providers need your position. WhatWeather tries to locate your device automatically. If you reject the permission or turn off the device's location service, you have to enter the location manually. There are no personal data besides the coordinates submitted to the backend server. There is also no background position tracking, because your weather data are updated only if the display is on and the app is in the foreground.

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Thank you. This app is great. it is the most accurate and informative weather app on the play store.
Chris Rudolph
I just dug out my 10-year old Motorola Droid X and turned it into a weather station. WhatWeather is flawless. The perfect app for the task. I'm running Android 4.4.4.
Moto Joe
Does what it says on the tin