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About Knowtify - Authentic Info App

Knowtify (from Allied Vision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ) facilitates trustworthy communication between authorized information publishers and information consumers, connects users with their businesses/organizations/schools/NGOs/Trusts/Societies/Financial Institutions for receiving authentic and verified information and allows publishers to create their own information boards for their users and staff.

Knowtify stands for “Know The Information for You”. As a user you get the right information, securely, freely and easily from intended sources only.

* ‘Receive authentic information’, no garbage and spams
All the information you receive over a secured channel has relevance, authenticity, genuineness and the sources of information are authorized by the platform via standard verification process!
- The App is an omnichannel platform (Single Application) to connect you to various Information Boards which are closer to your heart and matters most to you.
- The platform is a one way communication channel for you to receive communication;
- Capturing screenshots via mobile app and data copy is prohibited to maintain sanctity and veracity of information. This shall significantly save your time in filtering and reading intended information as we make sure that your world is free of spams, scams , abuse and garbage.
- The platform promises guaranteed delivery and integrity of information, free of ads forever.

* Get connected to the authorized sources of information
The platform facilitates connecting you to Information publishers via Private and Public Information boards. The sources of information are authorized and genuine so recipients do not receive spam, garbage and abusive information.

* Become an authorized ‘publisher of the information’
The platform facilitates you to register and authenticate your organization, create your own private/public information board, compose, review and publish information to your own staff/users on the created board. We make sure that your organization is a genuine one via standard verification process

* Publish information on ‘KnowtifyOne Board’
As an App user or Web Portal user, the 'KnowtifyOne Board' is a unique feature provided to publish information to all platform users provided you get approval from the Knowtify admin team to publish information on the 'KnowtifyOne Board'. Our admin team shall make sure that the information being posted on the 'KnowtifyOne Board' is neither news nor promotions causing user boards to be flooded with unwanted spam/garbage information.

* Get seamless experience on Knowtify platform
As an Information Consumer and/or Publisher of Information, both Knowtify App and Knowtify Web Portal provide a seamless experience to its users. The most important services such as consuming and publishing the information have been provided on the Knowtify app. The purpose of the Web portal is to provide additional services such as managing business users, useful insights on communications and analytics about information delivered to consumers.

Authentic app which shares right information.
Swati Shete