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About Baseball Blueprint

Streamline your practices. Skyrocket your team's skills. Out-play your opponents!

• DRILL LIBRARY: 116+ fun, fresh and effective drills for hitting, pitching, baserunning, and defense

• VIDEO DEMOS: Step by step video demonstrations for every fundamental and skill

• PRACTICE BUILDER: Create custom practice plans in 60 seconds or less

• DEFENSIVE STRATEGIES: 38+ proven tactics to improve your in-game execution

• CLIPBOARD: Draw, save, and share high quality diagrams, right from your smartphone or tablet

Download Baseball Blueprint and simplify your coaching today!

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Awesome app and great detail in the situational playbook
Donnie Vassar
Season rolling around. Serious players. Parent or parents must be involved. There will be a contract for the team, coach, and players family. Unanimous anonymous big-vest umpire.... dirt check every 3 innings
Christopher Merity
Great app so far...looks great for getting a more formal standard training format for our kids. In our league each coach or parent teaches something different or a different way, usually their way. Right, wr...
Andrew Wilhelm
So far looks good
Luis Martinez
So far it's a good resource. I just installed it though.
Jeff Hallin
Great app with great drills
Brad Noble